Metrohm has announced that a method developed using the 859 Titrotherm titrator has been released by ASTM International for the determination of Acid Number (AN) in crude oil and petroleum products. Method D8045 demonstrates the superiority of thermometric titration for complex petroleum samples as it is significantly faster, requires less maintenance and consumes less reagent.                                    

Thermometric titration uses a highly sensitive, fast responding electrode that detects enthalpy change at the endpoint. This method requires no sensor maintenance aside from a solvent rinse, needs no hydration and requires no calibration. New chemistries used in ASTM D8045 significantly lower the costs per analysis by consuming less reagents that require costly disposal.                        

AN is a critical quality control parameter for crude oil and petroleum products. The accuracy of the AN influences the commercial value of crude oil and the profitability of a refinery. Acidic compounds lead to corrosion in petroleum refining and transportation infrastructure, therefore accurate AN measurements are necessary for safe operation. The commercial and corrosion impact of the AN make it central to quality control laboratories throughout the industry.