bioMérieux has announced the lease signing of a new, 32,000 square foot (sq. ft.) state-of-the-art molecular innovation center at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In addition to supporting legacy molecular solutions that have been supplied to diverse beverage and food customers worldwide, the new site will house bioMérieux’s rapidly growing xPRO™ Program, as well as the company’s Predictive Diagnostics Innovation Center.

Since 2019, the xPRO™ Program has continuously developed innovative testing solutions that reduce food and beverage safety pain points across the entirety of the production process, from raw materials to final quality assurance releases. Development of an average molecular assay is a laborious process that takes 2–3 years to release into the market. bioMérieux’s xPRO™ team comes alongside industry heavyweights to solve their problems in as little as 90 days.

Expansion of bioMérieux’s presence in Philadelphia is essential to maintain the pace of innovation and meet the dynamic needs of its global customers, expressed the company. The new bioMérieux site is the gateway to growing the company’s capacity to generate leading edge molecular and genomic solutions for its food customers worldwide.

The xPRO™ Program is the catalyst that offers advanced molecular diagnostics to food quality and safety departments in the food industry. This is done through the rapid development of innovative, custom testing solutions to further ensure public health and brand protection. With a goal of releasing multiple xPRO™ innovations into the market in 2023, the Predictive Diagnostics Innovation Center in Philadelphia will house the 50 person xPRO™ team, as the program continues to gain popularity among quality assurance executives in the food, beverage, dietary supplements, and Cannabis segments.

The xPRO™ Program will continue its advancement under Ben Pascal, head of xPRO™. A Philadelphia native and entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience, Pascal co-founded the highly respected biotechnology company Invisible Sentinel, which was acquired by bioMérieux in 2019. Pascal guides the rapidly scaling program initiatives, while overseeing research and forging new partnerships with food and beverage industry leaders.

bioMérieux’s xPRO™ Program: