Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is calling for submissions on its assessment of standards for infant formula products.

FSANZ has reviewed infant formula standards in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards through Proposal P1028—Infant formula. The review assessed the current regulatory framework incorporating standards for safety, food technology, nutrient composition, labeling, and product representation.

The review covers infant formula (for use from newborn), follow-on formula (for use from 6–12 months of age), and infant formula for special dietary use. The review aims to ensure regulation of infant formula products is clear, reflects the latest scientific evidence, and aligns with international standards.

The call for submissions includes a summary of FSANZ’s consideration of stakeholder input, assessment of regulatory decisions, and the proposed draft variation which extends across four Standards and five Schedules in the code.  

Submissions close at 6 P.M. Canberra time on July 7, 2023.