Carl Joslyn is the Industrial Market Product Manager for industrial scales at the OHAUS Corporation. He has 30 years of experience in industrial marketing and has been with OHAUS for 23 years, primarily in his current role covering a wide range of scales and balances.  

Dan Montone is the Industrial Market Product Manager for lab weighing and moisture analysis products at the OHAUS Corporation. Dan has filled various product management positions at OHAUS throughout the past decade, specializing in precision motion control systems used in laboratory instruments and custom metal alloys used in electronics and medical devices.

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In this episode of Food Safety Matters, we speak with Carl Joslyn and Dan Montone [1:48] about:

  • The differences between industrial scales and balances
  • The definition of “calibration” as it relates to scales and balances
  • What the acronym “C.R.A.F.T.” stands for, and how it can help guide decisions when selecting and using scales and balances for a given application
  • The features of scales and balances
  • What a moisture analyzer is used for, and what differentiates it from other measurement instruments used in food processing
  • The most important features to look for in a moisture analyzer.

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