QualiTru Sampling Systems (formerly known as QMI) has introduced the first of three new products planned for 2023—the new TruStream7 Adjustable Tanker Port with Security Lid, specifically designed for dairy and other liquid food tanker trucks.

The new adjustable tanker port welds onto the inner tank wall and accommodates trailers with varying insulation thickness that ranges from 4.3 to 6.0 inches, minimizing the need for additional retrofitting and fabrication. Other benefits of the TruStream7 Adjustable Tanker Port with Security Lid include:

  • Sampling off the side or back of a tanker truck for accurate and safe antibiotic, component, or microbiological sampling
  • Increases receiving bay efficiency by allowing antibiotic samples to be taken before trucks enter the receiving bay, thereby reducing congestion and delay in milk unloading
  • Aseptically collected sampling reduces the chance of contamination by bacterial, chemical, or environmental hazards
  • Improves sampling safety by allowing samples to be taken from the ground, eliminating the dangerous climb to the top of the milk tanker truck.

QualiTru Sampling Systems: www.qualitru.com