Intertek Alchemy and Cultivate have developed a food safety culture training program for food industry leaders to build and maintain an informed culture coalition within their organizations. The unique solution includes Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) -based food safety culture instruction, complemented with a best practice case study and a food safety culture gauge that provides custom action plans and resources.

The new Intertek Alchemy Food Safety Culture Program was developed in partnership with Cultivate, a Swiss-based company led by Dr. Lone Jespersen, a leading voice in food safety culture and chair of the GFSI Food Safety Culture Working Group.

Strong food safety cultures are essential to reducing recalls and employee turnover, while maximizing productivity and ensuring compliance. Intertek Alchemy and Cultivate’s latest course will help companies of all sizes efficiently and effectively educate their leadership on creating a collaborative and successful food safety culture specific to their business.

When it comes to improving and maintaining food safety culture, no one approach fits all companies. That is why Cultivate and Intertek Alchemy worked together to create a program that is customized to fit the unique needs of each company, taking into account the maturity of a company’s current food safety culture, employees, languages, products, regulations, and location.

How it Works

The new Intertek Alchemy training program is available online via Intertek Alchemy’s Zosi Learning Platform. Individuals or cross-functional teams of any size can take the course, which includes two in-depth learning modules on food safety culture and an industry-specific case study on how culture positively impacts a food business.

The program features a one-of-a-kind, interactive food safety culture gauge that assesses an organization’s maturity level in regard to GFSI’s five dimensions of a food safety culture. Based on the organization’s responses, the program provides a customized action plan and set of culture tools leveraging social science principles. It includes specific and measurable steps a company can take to improve its food safety culture.

Companies also have the option to complement the food safety culture training program with consulting services by Cultivate or Intertek Alchemy. The online consulting gives an open forum to ask questions and seek guidance regarding specific food safety culture improvement strategies.

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