In cookie and bar manufacturing, time is often lost on the production line due to manual clearance of blockages when working will small products. To address this issue, Eaglestone Equipment, a custom manufacturer of industrial food processing equipment, is now offering the 1150 Fabric Constant Turn Conveyor. The 1150 series’ unique and sanitary design maintains product orientation, while small-diameter discharge rollers allow for light transfers. 

The conveyor also eliminates product bunching on the inside radius of the production line, features tight nose bar transfers, eliminates belt slippage with its conveyor chain, ensures a quiet operation with sealed bearings, and allows for fast and easy cleaning with its tool-less drip pan. Eaglestone’s Accu-Track belt tracking system keeps the fabric belt in place, ensuring a constant turn while maintaining product orientation and smooth conveying. Small-diameter discharge rollers also allow for tight transfers. This unit works in tight spaces as it has a very small footprint.

The 1150 Fabric Constant Turn Conveyor comes in a range of sizes and offers custom solutions. All Eaglestone Equipment is made in the U.S.

Eaglestone Equipment: