Mexico’s food safety authority recently adopted the Codex Alimentarius Commission’s framework for steviol glycosides for different technologies, including a bioconversion method for producing clean and non-GMO stevia sweeteners, such as Rebaudiosides B, D, E, I, M, and N. This decision opened the doors for Sweegen, which uses the bioconversion method, to expand into the Mexican market. Mexican brands will now have access to Sweegen’s entire portfolio of stevia-based sweeteners. 

Mexico’s approval of the Codex framework allows for a streamlined approach to reviewing and approving the production of steviol glycosides. Sweegen, which has its Latin America Innovation Studio in Mexico City, hopes that the greater availability of natural sugar substitutes in Mexico will benefit the nation’s public health.

Sweegen also recently expanded its stevia footprint in Latin America after Columbia approved stevia sweeteners made by bioconversion. Sweegen’s rebaudiosides E and I will now join the already approved D and M.