Rapid and accurate detection of microbiological contaminants in products is crucial to food and beverage safety. Hygiena, a food safety diagnostics systems manufacturer, recently launched its RapiScreen Beverage Kit, a new product for microbial screening. RapiScreen provides high-performance testing for low-pH beverages and quality control results. The new kit has multiple benefits and features, such as:

  • Results obtained in less than 30 minutes following a 24–48-hour incubation period
  • Results obtained for one to 96 samples at a time
  • Allows for preparation of subsequent assays while system is in use
  • Reduces product hold time to 1–2 days from 4–10 days
  • Has a strong buffering capacity to neutralize complex, high-acid content found in fruit juices
  • Is validated on a wide range of goods besides fruit juices, including UHT pasteurized products, teas, energy drinks, smoothie mixes, and condiments
  • Is validated on raw materials, in-process formulations, and finished goods within the dairy, food, and beverage industries.

The RapiScreen Beverage Kits are based on ATP bioluminescence technology, which is the industry standard for screening dairy and beverage products for microbiological contaminants. RapiScreen reduces product release by 2–5 days and streamlines the screening process to a three-step procedure.

Hygiena asserts the capacity of RapiScreen to improve beverage producers’ inventory turn and cash flow while saving money by reducing inventory requirements, warehouse space, and safety stock. The company hopes that its latest addition to its portfolio of food and beverage diagnostic solutions helps prevent foodborne illness and contributes to making food safer.

Hygiena: www.hygiena.com/