RLS Logistics, a provider of cold chain solutions, has announced its Newfield, New Jersey, Vineland, New Jersey, and Salt Lake City, Utah cold storage warehouse facilities earned the top food safety certifications in the cold storage and distribution industry through the British Retail Consortium Global Standard (BRCGS). The company hit the ground running in 2022, earning the highest A.A. ratings for the Utah- and New Jersey-based cold storages.

RLS Logistics facilities have been certified through the BRCGS since 2014. The company has garnered the highest ratings at all of its cold storage facilities nationwide for six consecutive years. The BRCGS grading system ranges from A.A., A, B, C, D, and Uncertified, from highest to lowest. The scale is based on the amount and type of non-conformances found in the audit; a double AA BRCGS rating signal less than five minor nonconformances.

RLS has begun to implement their food safety strategy, ensuring its warehouse network facilities also become BRCGS certified, if they are not already. In December 2021, its Scranton, Pennsylvania-based Warehouse Partner, RLS Gress, became A.A. certified.