Sani Professional, the food safety division of PDI, has announced the launch of a new softpack format for its degreasing multi-surface wipes. Sani Professional® degreasing multi-surface wipes are specifically formulated for the removal of grease and grime typically found in back-of-house foodservice operations. The new softpack provides a convenient and portable format containing 75 extra-large, heavy-duty disposable wipes that are pre-moistened and ready-to-use. Powered by a grease-fighting formula, the product is designed for frequent grease cleaning during the day to make the end-of-shift, heavy-duty grease cleaning less cumbersome. 

The new flexible packaging format was developed in response to customer requests for products that are more portable and save space. Through careful design, the softpack format has reduced plastic packaging by more than 85 percent while also requiring less storage space than a pail format.

Community-acquired infections can be contracted in any public setting; however, an industry or business that handles food is at a particularly high risk for spreading bacteria and viruses. Statistically, one in six Americans suffer from a foodborne illness every year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Sani Professional is committed to protecting the health of staff and guests with innovative, effective, and convenient products for surface cleaning and sanitizing. The introduction of the degreasing multi-surface wipes in a softpack format is the company’s latest effort to make it easy to implement food safety as a seamless part of foodservice operations. 

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