Madison Chemical ProClean® FOAMING ACID is a high-foaming, concentrated blend of acids and surfactants that penetrates and removes films, oxide, milkstone, and other soil from dairy and food processing equipment. This National Sanitation Foundation-registered product is ideal as an acid cleaner (A3) on all surfaces in and around food and beverage processing areas and is not intended for direct food contact. It can be applied by manual, foam, or immersion methods.

When used in a “foam generator,” it produces thick, stable, wet foam necessary for cleaning while reducing dry-out and run-off. It cleans all ferrous and stainless surfaces, particularly vertical and overhead surfaces, and those not easily cleaned by other methods. ProClean FOAMING ACID rinses easily with potable water and without streaking.

When used according to manufacturer’s instructions, it is safe to use on stainless steel alloys, with controlled etch on aluminum, copper, and ferrous alloys. There is no residue or odor noticeable after use when used as directed. The product is generally used at ambient temperatures to 160 °F, with exact dilutions dependent on specific application requirements.  

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