Donna F. Schaffner, M.Sc., is the associate director for food safety, quality assurance, and training at the Rutgers University Food Innovation Center. Donna has more than 20 years of experience as a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) specialist.

She teaches FDA certificate programs in Preventive Controls for Human Foods (PCHF), Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP), general HACCP, Seafood HACCP, Better Process Control School, Food Defense, Intentional Adulteration – Vulnerability Assessments (IA-VA), and teaches microbiology and food safety classes in the U.S. and abroad. Donna holds Train the Trainer certificates for PCHF, FSVP, FSIS, and FDA HACCP, and Seafood HACCP, and Lead Instructor certificates for PCHF, FSVP, IA-VA, Seafood HACCP, and Meat & Poultry HACCP.

She also serves as a Qualified Individual for Microbiology and Food Safety for HACCP and Food Safety Teams for numerous commercial food processing companies around the country, as well as a consultant for many others. Donna received her Bachelor and Master of Science in food science and technology from the University of Georgia.

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In this episode of Food Safety Matters, we speak to Donna [17:30] about:

  • Customized corporate food safety training opportunities
  • Boutique food products
  • Investigating your company’s supply chain
  • HACCP and Preventive Controls and GMPs: Back to the basics
  • The devil’s in the details
  • If it can go wrong, it’s gone wrong before
  • Teaching aids: photos and stories
  • Family-owned businesses: equipment design challenges
  • Standing your ground on hygienic design
  • Encouraging engineers and designers to understand food safety
  • Want my certificate? Pass the test.
  • Certified vs. qualified
  • In person vs. virtual courses
  • Food safety for high school students: the next generation

News and Resources

Study: Food Animals Contain More Antimicrobial-Resistant Salmonella Than Previously Thought [8:36]

USDA-FSIS Releases New Guidelines on Controlling Salmonella and Campylobacter in Raw Poultry [12:50]

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