Scotland will begin implementing stricter labeling rules on certain food products later in 2021. 

The new rules will require companies to include the product name as well as a full ingredients list on foods classified as pre-packed for direct sale. This also includes allergen information. With the current rules, allergen information can be provided by any way of their choosing, including verbally. 

Examples of these food includes consumables packed at the same place as being offered to consumers—that is, sandwiches placed into packaging by the business and sold on-site, wrapped deli goods like cheese and meats, and boxed salads on a refrigerated shelf. The new rules will also cover foods sold at mobile or pop-up sites.

Foods not included are food that is not in packaging when ordered, or loose and packaged after being ordered. 

The on-pack information that will now legally be required include the 14 allergens listed in food information law, and other ingredients that might trigger allergic reactions. 

The new rules are partially due to the death of 15-year-old Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, in 2016, who had an allergic reaction to a baguette that contained sesame; the baguette did not require allergen labeling. The regulation is referred to as Natasha's Law, and it will be implemented on October 1, to complement changes made in England, Northern Ireland, and Wales.