The TecPen O2 analyzer or Tecpen O2 + CO2 analyzer for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) provides fast and accurate oxygen or carbon dioxide level measurements. By using a thin, hollow needle and micro-pump to take gas samples through clear packaging material or a septum, the TecPen is useful as a gas analyzer for quality control during MAP, testing shrink-wrapped, or vacuum-sealed food products.

In addition to its usefulness as a MAP O2 + CO2 analyzer or a headspace gas analyzer—because it is hand-held and rechargeable—the TecPen can be used in the field for controlled atmosphere storage applications.

The secret to the TecPen’s speed and gas level measurement performance is the advanced sensor technology. The benefit of the Tecpen sensing technology is speed and accuracy. The TecPen’s sensor—either nondispersive infrared sensor for CO2 or optochemical for O2—can respond to changes in gas levels in just 3 seconds for oxygen and 10 seconds for carbon dioxide.

Across the world, MAP is required in order to validate the mixture of gases inside a sealed container of meat, fruit, vegetables, drinks, pharmaceuticals, or any consumable products.

Even small variations of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or water vapor inside a sealed package can have a large impact on product spoilage as well as product attractiveness to the end consumer. Given the importance of providing safe consumables to customers, it isn’t enough to maximize product safety—packagers need to test and verify the safety too.

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