Hygienic Builders (HB) is the merge of three of the best in business partner companies with over 100 years of combined experience in complementary fields of hygienic food plant construction integrated seamlessly from ceilings-to-drains forming the next generation of food plants.

Our choice for hygiene, performance, and durability allows our clients to focus on what is most vital to their business: to produce safely and continuously. 

All HB high-performance wall, ceiling, floor, and drain systems are tested and meet or exceed ISO 22000 standards, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and ISEGAmbH requirements, and are NSF registered.

Our founded knowledge base and integrated workflow from ceilings-to-drains is the result of decades of experience. Whatever your challenges may be—chemical attack, thermal shock, abrasion, mechanical and impact abuses—HB will work with you in the greatest of detail to specify and install seamless ceiling-to-drain system that will outlast and outperform any other in the industry.

No one makes it easier to select, specify and install high-performance walls, ceilings, floors, and drain systems than HB. With HB’s cutting-edge technologies, minimum downtime installations and the unparalleled expertise and experience of our world-class project engineers and installation crews, we deliver a new experience, level of service, commitment and solutions for every new or retrofit project.

No matter the size of your project, or the aggressiveness of your environment, HB has the right systems and setups available and will tailor a customized solution each time.

Every HB project is designed and installed with care and excellence to provide maximum strength, durability, and hygiene in the harshest abusive and relentless activity of food and beverage environments.

To maximize investment, performance, and time, our systems are available in four types. Ultra-Duty, Heavy-Duty, Medium-Duty and Light-Duty and will be combined as needed.

There is a reason why 100 percent of our customers are repeat buyers. From our products, processes, and people, to meeting your unique and most challenging construction needs, HB has you covered.

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