EcoSol® is a water soluble, biodegradable, polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) film ideally suited for various packaging applications. Water soluble PVOH bags, sachets, or pouches created from this unique, technically advanced film provide a convenient, safe, and economical delivery system for a wide range of products and packaging uses:

  • detergents and cleaners
  • degreasers
  • concrete additives
  • pigments
  • biocides
  • water-treatment products
  • agricultural products

EcoSol® film has excellent organic solvent resistance, which allows EcoSol® pouches and bags to be used not only for dry powders, but also for liquid products. This contemporary film offers very good mechanical properties: tensile strength, tear strength and puncture resistance. These properties allow EcoSol® to be used in a wide variety of rigorous applications.