In preparation for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Food Safety Modernization Act, AIB International has launched its FDA Preparedness Inspection to help U.S. food companies--and those exporting to the U.S.--measure their regulatory readiness before an FDA inspector arrives.

AIB’s one-day inspection simulates an FDA inspection based on the new regulatory requirements. Food and beverage manufacturers, warehouses, and distribution centers can find out if they are prepared for their next FDA inspection and gauge if their own employees are following established policies for handling regulatory inspections.

FSMA is the biggest change in US food regulations since 1938. The Act impacts the entire global food suppply chain and includes new regulations for preventive controls, produce safety, food defense, foreign supplier verification, facility registration, and sanitary food transportation. Learn more about AIB’s FDA Preaparedness Inspection.           

AIB’s new offering is meant to guide food manufacturing plants as the FDA changes their approach to required inspections.

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