AIB International has announced the release of Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls  (HARPC) Online, the latest addition to a growing portfolio of Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) compliance solutions.

The course – developed by ImEpik – is held within AIB’s online platform, LearningLab@AIB. HARPC Online is directed at the preventive controls support team, addressing the challenge faced by thousands of food plants now required to record and verify food safety training.

“Our clients, like most of the food industry, face the challenge of providing consistent, documented food safety training for their personnel who support the Preventive Controls-Qualified Individual with the development and execution of the preventive controls plan (HARPC)”, says Anthony Raschke, director of Food Safety Services Innovation, AIB. “AIB International is proud to partner with ImEpik to provide an engaging learning experience that meets this critical industry demand for food safety team members in FDA regulated plants.”

In HARPC Online, food industry employees take a pathway through FSMA’s required components for a food safety plan, including hazard analysis, preventive controls, monitoring, verification and validation procedures, developing a recall plan, recordkeeping procedures, and GMPs. The lessons also address food defense, foreign supplier verification program, and creating a food safety culture. Learners work through product-specific case scenarios that culminate with development of a food safety plan outline. In the online environment, education can happen at an individualized pace, and meet the preferred learning styles of a wide variety of students.

Enrollment is open now for HARPC Online through AIB’s website.