Last week, in anticipation of a public product release, AIB International announced a valuable discount for the first 100 customers who purchase Food Labeling Online prior to April 23.

“We are completely transforming how food labeling professionals can improve their skills by providing training flexibility online,” says Katie Mayes, vice president, marketing and product development at AIBI.

“The pre-sale offers an introductory price for the best food labeling online course in the market. This truly interactive training can help those involved in nutritional labeling strengthen their basic food labeling skills.”        

The first 100 customers will receive a 30 percent introductory price and a pre-sale purchase will guarantee they receive instant access to Food Labeling Online when it launches April 23.

The new online course covers food labeling basics and how best to comply with labeling requirements from the FDA. With Food Labeling Online, customers gain on-demand access to five modules with interactive, built-in quizzes. Following each module there is an exam that tests the knowledge gained. Additionally, the online course covers how to declare ingredients, how to calculate servings per container, what the FDA recognizes as dietary fiber, how to identify sweeteners, and much more. Customers can also benefit from the module on food labeling claims.                

AIBI’s new Food Labeling Online will be available April 23.

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