Digital Six Labs (D6), an award-winning manufacturer of complete IoT solutions, is temporarily making their handwashing monitoring technology, Restaurant IoT®, available for $25 per month—including a small setup fee—for any restaurant with three or less handwashing stations to help restauranteurs increase employee hand-washing, promote good hygiene, and improve food safety amid growing consumer concerns over the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).    

Restaurant enterprises and franchise owners can take advantage of this technology immediately as it does not require professional installation and is readily available. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, astute restaurateurs around the country had already applied this technology to their restaurants recognizing the importance of reducing the risk of foodborne illness outbreaks. Washing hands frequently and keeping foods at the right temperatures are two critical steps for food safety.

“After installing this technology in quick-serve restaurants, we have witnessed employee hand-washing increase by substantial margins,” said Steve Montgomery, D6 Labs CEO. “In one case, the handwashing improved over 7,000 percent. D6 Labs’ handwashing solution enables owners to confidently know their employees are taking the necessary steps to promote food safety for customers.”

Restaurant IoT® is a complete digital food safety solution with digital food safety checklists, 24-hour temperature monitoring, and handwash compliance monitoring. D6 Labs’ wireless sensors are ultra-reliable, flexible, and scalable enabling businesses to increase safety on day one. D6 Labs’ complete suite of sensors with analytics, visualization, alerting, and reporting tools are designed to help businesses operate better the moment it is installed, including intelligent notification of problems and concise reporting to help managers and owners make better decisions. Industries using D6 Labs’ IoT technology to protect customers and promote the highest levels of hygiene or food safety include restaurants, hospitals, and agriculture facilities.

D6 Labs has everything restaurants need to bring their businesses to the Internet of Things, so they can make better data-driven decisions through their new generation of transformative IoT solutions. High performance, flexible and easy to use technology enables businesses to customize a solution that works for them.

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