Intertek Alchemy is now offering a complimentary training course for frontline manufacturing and food production workers regarding COVID-19. The 12-minute course is available in English and Spanish. It trains employees on effective measures to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, how to recognize symptoms, and how to prevent transmission.

Intertek Alchemy has distributed this course to their clients to use in their 15,000 facilities. They are now offering it to any other company (or concerned individual) to access the same course.

You can download the English and Spanish versions instantly on Intertek Alchemy's website.

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UPDATE: Intertek Alchemy has since expanded its offerings with a full kit of free resources to help food processors navigate the coronavirus pandemic. The suite of free resources includes a plethora of training courses on effective handwashing, cleaning and sanitizing procedures, personal hygiene, and more. See the full kit at