According to multiple sources, Walmart has brought on Sara Mortimore as its new vice president of global food safety compliance. Most recently, Mortimore was the vice president of product safety, quality, and regulatory affairs at Land O’Lakes. Sara is replacing Frank Yiannas, who left Walmart late last year to fill the role of deputy commissioner for food policy and response at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

“It’s an honor to join a recognized leader in food safety,” Mortimore said in a statement. “Walmart has embraced emerging digital technologies while not losing sight of the foundational elements of sound food safety management. It is adapting to an increasingly complex global supply chain and changing consumer demands with an innovative mindset in food safety that is exciting to now be part of.”

Sara’s career spans more than 30 years, working to ensure the safety and quality of some of the world’s biggest brands—Haagen Daaz, Green Giant, Old El Paso, Nature Valley, and many others. She has co-authored a number of books on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and food safety management. In fact, she contributed to Food Safety Magazine's Food Safety Culture eBook! She's also served on Food Control's editorial board and was a trustee of the Royal Society of Public Health for several years.

Sara has been a member of the BRC International Advisory Board for over 10 years, and she's a member of the Grocery Manufacturers Association's Executive Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Committee. Most recently, she has helped review the effectiveness of Codex HACCP and Food Hygiene principles.

Sara—who was our featured guest in Ep. 41 of the Food Safety Matters podcast—reportedly begins her new role on May 13th. 

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