INFICON is showcasing its non-destructive leak detection technology to the North American meat and poultry market for the first time at the 2019 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) from February 12th through 14th at the Georgia World Congress Center; Atlanta, GA at Booth # B-8552.

Designed to help meat and poultry manufacturers detect gross and fine leaks in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and flexible packaging, the Contura® S400 takes a non-destructive approach to testing and serves as a cost-effective, reliable alternative to more traditional leak detection methodologies, including water bath testing.

“Package leaks can be detrimental to product quality because they can reduce shelf life and create the potential for food safety issues due to premature spoilage. However, these leaks are often undetectable to the naked eye or by traditional testing methods,” says Bill Burnard, business development manager, INFICON, Package Integrity & General Vacuum.

“Reliable leak detection equipment, like the Contura® S400, can help meat and poultry manufacturers catch faulty packages before they reach the hands of the consumer, which ultimately can prevent costly recalls and protect brand reputation.”

The Contura® S400 is designed for a range of meat and poultry applications that include thermo-formed meal kits, flow wrapped breakfast sandwiches, vertical form filled and sealed chicken wings, vacuum packed bacon, and more.

To test for leaks, meat and poultry manufacturers simply place the package between two unique membranes that create a conformal vacuum chamber which is quickly evacuated. The gas flows through any package leaks into the chamber where it causes an increase in pressure. INFICON’s patented high-precision vacuum gauges measure this change to calculate the package’s leak rate and delivers results in seconds. Results are reported via an easy-to-read display screen. All results are reproducible.

The ability to provide quantifiable results is just one of several advantages the Contura® S400 offers when compared to alternative leak detection methodologies. The system can also safely and reliably detect micro and gross leaks, eliminating the risk that a package with a tear or a non-welded sealed seam might be incorrectly identified as airtight.

The technology can be easily integrated into any manufacturing environment. It is gas independent, eliminating the need for meat and poultry manufacturers to make any adjustments to production lines. In addition, the stainless steel housing and dirt-resistant protective cap helps satisfy various hygiene requirements and allows for safe and simple cleaning that meets the strict requirements of the food industry.

Download INFICON’s free e-book: Leak Detection in the Food Industry: A Guide, designed to help manufacturers avoid possible pitfalls when selecting a leak detection method for their particular application.