Weber Packaging Solutions has acquired two HP 6900 Series digital label presses to fit the needs of both new emerging markets and current customers' specific requirements. These additions help Weber provide labels for their customers that have better color-consistency, better quality inks, with better design capabilities, and all at a better price.

The addition of these two new presses allows Weber to better meet the demands of today's brand owner, specifically printing a more opaque white on clear films for beverage and food labels, and using high-value colors of metallic and fluorescent inks for decorative effects on consumer packaging.

The HP 6900 label press has a powerful new set of tools and systems, including more powerful RIP servers, a built-in spectrophotometer that constantly measures color and automatically calibrates color for consistency, and HP SmartStream Mosaic that generates millions of unique designs from a fixed number of seed patterns, allowing unique customer experience labels.

Customer demand for more creative label materials in the grab ‘n go, craft beer, cannabis, and vitamin/supplements markets will benefit from the flexibility and new features of Weber’s new presses as they assure faster turn-around times, better pricing and the ability to handle shorter runs with more complex designs. 

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