Rubber Fab, a Garlock Hygienic Technologies Company and provider of critical process consumables for the food and beverage sector, has announced that the U.S. Patent Office has granted Patent #9,701,827  for their X-ray Opaque Polymeric Materials, which complements their existing Patent # 7,390,580 for Metal Detectable gaskets.

Rubber Fab general manager Gary Huether explained that the new patent continued to demonstrate the strong track record of material and product innovation, which remains a cornerstone of the business. "Ever since Bob DuPont Sr. founded this company more than 20 years ago, it has always been our philosophy to push the boundaries of traditional sanitary gaskets and process seals in order to provide customers – and indeed the whole industry - with unique solutions. This new patent further reinforces our innovation credentials, and demonstrates our continued commitment to this market space."

The new patent is a fundamental part of the Detectomer® portfolio from Rubber Fab, which encompasses a full range of metal detectable and X-ray inspectable sanitary gaskets and o-rings. These products provide food manufacturers with enhanced functionality, allowing them to reduce their process risks through better detection of nonmetallic contaminants.

Stephen Doherty, director of business development, added, “The Food Safety Modernization Act is driving the food processing industry toward a more proactive approach with regards to process safety and food contamination. While this legislation directly affects manufacturers within (and exporting to) the USA, we observe a global trend whereby many multinational food processing companies are implementing metal detection and X-ray inspection techniques as a way to minimize unscheduled downtime, significantly reduce the likelihood of product recall, and ultimately improve consumer confidence.”