In this new episode of Food Safety Matters, Barbara van Renterghem speaks with Dr. Darin Detwiler--Assistant Dean of Graduate Academic and Faculty Affairs at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. He is also the Lead Academic of the MS in Regulatory Affairs of Food and Food Industry and Professor of Food Policy. In their conversation, Darin covers many aspects of food safety, including the industry's evolution since 1993 when his son died due to a Jack in the Box E. coli outbreak.

Also included in this episode is a short chat with Maryanne Gravely of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and Hilary Thesmar of the Food Marketing Institute (FMI). At USDA, Maryanne acts as the senior technical information specialist, providing consumers with safe food handling guidance daily through phone, live-chat and email inquiries and is one of the persons behind the USDA virtual representative “Ask Karen” answering food safety questions. At FMI, Hilary acts as the chief food and product safety officer and senior vice president of food safety programs. 

In their chat with Barbara, both women share advice on how industry can help consumers to better navigate food safety during the holiday season. They cover retail shopping, food storage, and the "Clean, Separate, Cook and Chill" concept.

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