Neogen has developed an innovative Recall Support Services program to better serve the needs of its food industry customers facing a product recall—or preparing for the possibility of a recall.

Neogen’s enhanced Recall Support Services program emphasizes Neogen’s experience and expertise, as well as testing products and services to help guide a company through a recall, and also to identify the source of contamination. The program also features Neogen’s promise of absolute confidentiality throughout the process.

“Our recall response program is largely the result of our customers who are seeking to develop rapid response plans of their own,” says Ed Bradley, Neogen’s vice president of food safety. “They want to know who they can turn to in the event of a recall, and what services we can provide to them to help them recover. We are offering this service at no additional cost as a guarantee that we will be there for our customers when they need us the most.”

In the event of a food product recall, Neogen’s Recall Support Services program offers:

  • Sample processing in any one of our worldwide labs or a recommendation of available private labs.
  • Immediate consulting with tech service experts according to your requirements, chemistry or microbiology, either via phone or our LabLive service. LabLive is a conferencing system designed to provide expert support at any time.
  • Expedited shipments of any Neogen diagnostic products.
  • On-site Neogen tech support personnel for up to 48 hours to help your staff with lab testing to get through the recall.
  • Provide contact information for leading product recall consultants and recall implementation firms.
  • In the case of a pathogen-based or spoilage recall, genomic identification to speed trace back to the source.

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