This week, Waters Corporation earned a Pittcon Today Excellence Gold Award for its ACQUITY® QDa Mass Detector at the Pittcon 2017 Conference and Expo.

“We are truly grateful to Pittcon Today and to the judges for this award. Since the introduction of the ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector in 2013, the barriers that once prevented scientists from having immediate access to mass data have come down," says Dr. Mike Harrington, senior vice president, Global Markets, Waters Corporation. “Whether used for reducing method development times, improving the efficiency of compound purification workflows or even for teaching the fundamentals of mass spectrometry to undergraduates in academic institutes, the ACQUITY QDa continues to broaden the accessibility of mass data to our liquid chromatography customers.”

Award winners were determined by a blue chip panel of experts consisting of thought leaders across academia, industry and trade media. Judges evaluated entries based on ingenuity, creativity, implementation and outcomes with the principal criterion being the projected impact the product will have on the industry and the world.