Thermo Scientific now offers a new infrared microscope designed for faster, more reliable results with minimal user training. This microscope is for laboratory technicians faced with identifying particulate or unknown microscopic materials, including contaminants and defects in food, plastics and other products.   

The Thermo Scientific Nicolet iN5 FTIR microscope--which debuted at Pittcon 2017--is designed as a simple, cost-effective solution for particulate identification in the lab. The robust iN5 FTIR microscope features an optical setup that allows users to simultaneously examine a sample and collect chemical information. A large field of view is intended to make it easier to locate and target contaminants, and it has the spatial resolution required for accurate chemical analysis. The microscope uses Thermo Scientific OMNIC software, with its extensive set of libraries, so users can match samples in real time and make more confident decisions.

In terms of food safety, the Nicolet iN5 FTIR microscope can be used to detect contaminants in food products to ensure safety for human consumption. And in manufacturing, it can identify and analyze defects in plastics, polymers, paints and more.

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