3M Food Safety has released its enhanced 3M™ Clean-Trace™ Hygiene Monitoring and Management System. The system is the outcome of years of research, testing and customer feedback--all meant to provide food processors greater confidence and peace of mind.

Clean-Trace will help food safety managers with rapid testing that quickly and dependably identifies potential contamination in their facilities and make the high-risk decision about whether or not to start production. The new 3M Clean-Trace System offers food safety professionals a complete system of products consisting of a luminometer handheld device, compatible tests and a powerful new software platform, to verify that surfaces have been effectively cleaned in seconds, for better decision making and audit preparedness.

“Certainly there is a heightened public sensitivity for food quality, resulting in more internal and external controls and reporting. There’s been an abundance of new regulations, whether that’s the rollout of the Food Safety Modernization Act or other rules,” says Tom Dewey, 3M Food Safety global marketing manager. “We involved customers throughout the development and design of the entire system to automate and streamline what is in many cases a tedious, manual process of selecting test points, assigning them daily, conducting tests, documenting results, managing sample plans, and developing quality improvement measures.”

The all-new system builds on the quality of the current 3M Clean-Trace Hygiene Monitoring and Management System.

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