AOAC INTERNATIONAL has announced the release of the new 20th Edition of the Official Methods of Analysis--the compendium of methods adopted by AOAC containing approximately 3000 methods and considered the most authoritative volume in its field. The new edition reflects AOAC’s standards development activities in areas such as food, infant formula, dietary supplements, veterinary drug residues, and biothreat detection and features a number of First Action methods and Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPRs®).

New Material
Edited by George Latimer (retired, Office of the Texas State Chemist), the 20th Edition features significant new and revised material since the last printing in September 2012 (19th Edition). New material in the 20th Edition includes:

  • 57 First Action methods
  • 47 SMPRs
  • 22 Final Action methods
  • 12 Methods with major modifications
  • 7 Methods with minor editorial revisions
  • 6 Repealed methods
  • Appendix on guidelines for validation of qualitative binary chemistry methods

In addition to the printed book, the new material is available online at

For more information or to order, contact AOAC Customer Service at or 1-301-924-7077 ext. 170.