Dosatron International, Inc. has announced that two water-powered chemical injectors--the D14WL2NAFII and D14WL3000NAFII--were tested and ultimately certified by NSF International.

“We are excited to provide the only water-powered injectors that have been NSF/ANSI 61 Certified,” says Jason Maddox, Dosatron’s regional sales manager. “Being NSF Certified means that Dosatron has two units, with a flow rate of 14 GPM that comply with the standard requirements for water safety. We know it is important to be aware of the impact Dosatron can have with water safety.”

Dosatron is increasing its role in public health and safety. Whether it is for water applications--residential drinking water, maintenance disinfection, remote drinking water or remote potable systems--Dosatron is committed to following the protocol of NSF International.

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