The CleanTech 2000SCA Automated Handwashing System is Meritech’s newest innovation. With turnstile controlled access features and additional options, its compact design makes it extremely versatile as it’s designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.  

The 2000SCA turnstile entry is fully integrated with the CleanTech system and will automatically open at the end of each employee’s 12-second handwash cycle. With Meritech’s 2000SCA installed at each entryway, food safety managers, inspectors, and auditors can be confident that every person entering the facility is clean and safe.

“This is really the optimum solution in production facilities to ensure food safety--truly controlled hygiene without the need to constantly monitor employees to see if they’re washing correctly,” says Michele Colbert, vice president of sales and marketing for Meritech.

All of Meritech’s CleanTech automated handwashing systems deliver a 12-second wash and rinse cycle, removing 99.98 percent of dangerous pathogens from bare skin and gloved hands. Meritech’s automated handwashing systems require less than half the time of a manual wash, use 75 percent less water and soap and produce less discharge waste.  Meritech CleanTech systems guarantee every employee washes effectively every time, and demonstrate your commitment to a strong food safety culture.  

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