On Friday, Oct. 11, the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) officially launched its global stakeholder consultation for the International Featured Standards (IFS) PACsecure scheme. IFS PACsecure is a new packaging material safety and quality standard that applies to all forms of primary and secondary packaging materials.

In a public statement, GFSI administrators said, "As part of our commitment to providing transparency during the GFSI benchmarking process, we invite stakeholders to comment on the thorough process that IFS PACsecure, the Benchmark Committee Leader, and the Benchmark Committee Members have been involved in over the past months."

The benchmarking summary report, benchmarking form, and details on how to submit your comments can all be found on the GFSI website: click here to access the IFS PACsecure Benchmark Matrix for consultation.

The IFS PACsecure benchmarking process consisted of:

  • Three desktop reviews and corresponding responses from IFS providing the required information.
  • A conference call with the Benchmark Committee Members, which led to the identification of a few minor issues.
  • Feedback to IFS with a prompt phone call response to clarify the issues.
  • A final review of the IFS response by the Benchmark Committee Members.

The IFS PACsecure Benchmarking Application is open for a consultation over a period of one month, ending on Nov. 11, 2013.