Roka Bioscience has announced the adoption of the Atlas System at the Department of Defense (DoD) Food Analysis and Diagnostic Laboratory (FADL) at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX. The FADL has implemented the system along with the Atlas Listeria Detection Assay and the Atlas Salmonella Detection Assay, both of which have received AOAC Performance Tested™ certification. The FADL plans to use the Atlas System for high-volume sample testing for Listeria and Salmonella in foods that are provided to all US armed forces around the world.

The Atlas System is an innovative fully automated molecular instrument for the detection of pathogens in food and environmental samples. This instrument utilizes a simple three-step procedure—Enrich, Transfer, Automate—and is capable of processing over 300 samples in 8 hours. The system's continuous workflow and high throughput provides greater efficiency, flexibility, and dynamic scalability to meet the ever-increasing demands placed on food safety laboratories.

The FADL protects the armed forces, ensuring food safety, fitness for consumption, and contractual compliance through microbiological, chemical and toxicological testing of food and bottled water. The lab also provides technical consultation to the DoD on integrating laboratory testing and food safety into science-based inspection systems.