A new 25,000 square foot packing facility and innovation center for Clear Lam Packaging, Inc. in Elk Grove Village, IL is scheduled to open in spring 2015. The $2 million facility will support consumer products utilizing Clear Lam Packaging’s PrimaPak™ System. Operations will include producing packaging for test markets, regional rollouts, seasonal items and ongoing national distribution.

Clear Lam’s Innovation Center includes a Quality Control Laboratory, where analytical testing can be performed on packaging products and materials to ensure they meet performance standards and customer specifications. Clear Lam takes a collaborative approach to this process, working closely with customers to ensure the raw materials and finished product will perform as expected in the marketing environment for which the package is designed. This includes tests for strength and other physical properties, oxygen transmission rates, and optical properties of various packaging materials.

The facility has the flexibility to handle small-batch test product runs and long-term packaging needs. Applications include salty snacks, nuts, candy, dried fruit, cereals, pet foods, detergent pods, fertilizer and more.

“The introduction of our new Co-Packing Facility and Innovation Center is an exciting development for Clear Lam and for the advancement of our PrimaPak™ System,” said James Sanfilippo, president and chief executive officer, Clear Lam Packaging, Inc. “We understand that many of our customers are looking for opportunities to streamline processes and improve efficiencies in their packing operations without taking on new staff or having to purchase new equipment.”

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