Lubricate Lubricants Company has recently obtained ISO 21469 certification from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for all of its NSF/H-1 registered food machinery lubricants, which are intended for use in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and animal feed manufacturing industries.

Like the NSF/H-1 program, NSF’s ANSI Accredited ISO 21469 certification ensures that lubricant ingredients are safe in the event of incidental food contact.  In addition to this, ISO 21469 certification processes also review the level of quality control applied to the formulation, manufacturing, packaging, distribution and storage of the lubricant to ensure it complies with the highest standards of hygiene.  It is important to note that ISO 9001 registration is a prerequisite to ISO 21469 certification as a means of demonstrating the effectiveness of Lubricate’s Quality Management System.

With ISO 21469 certification, customers can be confident that they are not only purchasing a high-quality product, but also lubricants that are manufactured in sanitary environments, using the safest ingredients and best practices.