SafetyChain Software has announced SafetyChain Mobile™ – a powerful mobile food safety and quality assurance (FSQA) solution designed to automate, streamline and improve FSQA processes from farm-to-fork. It sends/receives information from SafetyChain’s SafetyChain for Food™ FSQA suite, allowing suppliers/growers, manufacturers/co-packers, distributors/importers and food services/retailers to go paperless from the earliest point possible in a company’s FSQA processes, recording quality attributes on mobile forms directly from a distribution center or processing plant; get information to the right people in real time – sending safety data, on mobile forms, to the FSQA manager from a field pre-harvest; take immediate actions – without having to wait for information to be entered manually; respond immediately – anywhere, from SafetyChain dashboards on any mobile device, to inquiries from customers, auditors and/or regulators.

“In today’s global, fast-paced food and beverage industry, every minute counts. The faster food safety and quality professionals receive FSQA data – the faster they can move products to the next point in the supply chain or take corrective actions when required to help avoid food safety events. SafetyChain’s mobile innovations, with the introduction of SafetyChain Mobile, help take food safety and quality to the next level by eliminating manual, time-consuming processes and putting FSQA data at the fingertips of those who need it on-demand, from anywhere and at any time,” said Dr. David Acheson, partner, Leavitt Partners.

SafetyChain Mobile Key Features:
• All food safety and quality inspection and other information that is entered remotely is automatically time/date stamped, and uploaded into SafetyChain for Food’s central repository of data for immediate access – eliminating data silos while promoting realtime trending, audit readiness and employee evaluation

• Electronic form capture includes the ability to have direct food safety and quality observation pictures along with form and photo documentation of corrective actions

• Scheduled food safety and quality inspections and Standard Operating Procedures can be set up in SafetyChain for Food’s Task Scheduler and pushed to mobile device stakeholders to complete tasks on time; escalating alerts can be sent until task is successfully completed

• Once mobile form food safety and quality data is received, results are compared to specifications; if a non-compliant event or omission occurs, alerts will be sent to key decision makers to take realtime corrective actions

• Mobile device forms can be set up in multiple languages

• If information is entered to SafetyChain Mobile in an area where there is no internet connection, it is automatically saved and auto-sent as soon as the device has a connection

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