SafetyChain Software – innovators of realtime Safety Chain Management Solutions that automate, streamline and improve food safety and quality assurance (FSQA) while promoting regulatory, 3rd party and customer compliance –helps companies meet USDA's new FSIS Notice (74-13) which expands the pre-shipment review and records requirement rule.

Affecting meat and poultry plants that are required by federal regulation to have one or more HACCP Plans – the USDA FSIS Notice indicates more monitoring, and inspection records, will be required to be verified during the pre-shipment review process. This will mean more time, effort and documentation to support the USDA regulated/mandated pre-shipment review process adding an increase burden to FSQA departments in USDA inspected facilities. The USDA's implementation timeline is calling for an immediate phased approach.

How SafetyChain Can Help
SafetyChain for Food's HACCP Module helps automate the entire pre-shipment review process – eliminating the clerical and error prone burden of these new additional USDA requirements. SafetyChain for Food meets the specific needs of each plant's HACCP work flow from CCP monitoring and reporting activities and PRP inspections to direct observation and document verifications – complete with unalterable time/date stamps and secure electronic signature. In addition, the solution is not limited to CCP records, but is available for any form/test type utilized. Additionally, information from multiple plants/facilities and locations is all available in a central repository of data for trending, reporting and audit-readiness.

SafetyChain HACCP is a module of the SafetyChain for Food suite, which also includes modules for Supplier Compliance & Management, Safety & Quality Data Reporting, HACCP / Preventive Controls, GFSI Automation and Customer & Finished Product Compliance. SafetyChain for Food is a global, Software-as-a-Service solution designed for flexibility, affordability and fast ROI, helping companies affected by this rule to meet new requirements while saving time, saving money and creating operational and compliance efficiencies that contribute to the bottom line.

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