Company: Birko

Equipment Snapshot: Birko, a business in providing integrated sanitation solutions in the meat, poultry and protein harvest, further processing, produce and fresh cut, and brewing and distilling industries, has launched the Birko Mobile Mister sanitizing equipment for various industries and facilities.  

Birko’s Mobile Mister was developed to help facilities overcome the challenges of more frequent sanitation during and following the COVID-19 pandemic. Engineered with more than 65 years of sanitation experience, the Mobile Mister brings food-grade sanitation to manufacturing facilities, educational campuses, aircraft carriers, faith communities, gyms, and beyond.

“As the country cautiously begins to reopen in various stages, Birko felt a responsibility to contribute to the well-being of the public and ease the anxiety of facility managers through the development of the Mobile Mister,” said Bob Ogren, Birko vice president of equipment. “Thanks to our many years of knowledge in food industry sanitation, we’ve done the research and testing to understand what it takes to fully disinfect surfaces.”

Made in the USA with stainless steel construction for maximum chemical and corrosion resistance, Birko’s Mobile Mister is a highly effective and portable system. It uses non-toxic sanitizer to reduce viruses, bacteria, and pathogens on surfaces by 99.99 percent in all environments and includes various misting nozzles, which reach elevated and hard-to-reach target areas. The hand-held spray nozzle allows users to mist spaces beyond traditional sanitizing methods.

The Birko Mobile Mister was developed to provide maximum sanitation efficiency and reach while still being compact enough to maneuver through spaces as narrow as an aircraft aisle. Two different model options offer either five or 10 gallons of Peraspray capacity and about 45 minutes of spray time per five gallons.

To learn more, visit Birko’s blog or view the Mobile Mister information guide. You can also view Birko’s additional COVID-19 resources.