Phenomenex Inc. recently launched PhenoAcademy, a practical, step-by-step online educational program designed to empower chemists and researchers in enhancing their chromatography skills.

Phenomenex’s chromatography solutions are applicable to a broad range of industries, with applications spanning food and beverage, Cannabis, per- and polyfluoralkyl substances (PFAS), and other areas. Within food and beverage, Phenomenex’s chromatography solutions focus on determining pesticide residue levels, the quality and authenticity of ingredients, and other food safety analyses.

PhenoAcademyLab managers now have a game-changing training source in PhenoAcademy, tailored for new graduates bridging the gap between theory and real-world application, and for career-focused researchers seeking advancement. Curated by Phenomenex scientists and technical experts, the content covers the fundamentals and advanced chromatography courses, organized by technique (i.e., LC, GC, and Sample Preparation). Bimonthly free webinars, guides, white papers, and technical notes are offered to enrich the learning experience.

Participants earn certificates after completing each session.