Auto-Chlor System® recently announced the latest addition to its advanced dishwashing technology range, the AC TALL Space Maker Dish Machine. Featuring a compact footprint of just 22 inch (in.) by 24 in., occupying a total 2.24 square feet (sq. ft.), the dishwasher is designed to save 75 percent more space compared to conventional dish machines. The AC TALL Space Maker is an adaptable, eco-friendly choice for various commercial cleaning environments, including restaurants, hotels, and hospitals.

The AC TALL Space Maker has a unique open front-loading door and a taller build, enhancing its internal capacity without the need for extra floor space. This design innovation allows it to accommodate not only standard 20 in. by 20 in. dish racks, but also larger kitchen essentials like 18 in. by 26 in. sheet pans and pizza pans up to 25 in. in diameter.

The AC TALL Space Maker Dish Machine also excels with its versatile wash cycle options. It features a swift 90-second cycle, along with additional 60-, 72-, 108-, and 120-second settings, catering to various cleaning needs. What truly sets it apart is Auto-Chlor’s WaterSaver technology, enabling the machine to use just 1.04 gallons of water per cycle, achieving the machine an ENERGY STAR certification.

Designed for convenience, the AC TALL Space Maker operates seamlessly on a standard 115-volt electrical circuit and does not require an auxiliary water heater. This dish machine's modular design allows for customization with optional accessories, enhancing its functionality. Options include Auto-Chlor’s VRX Type II Hood Replacement system for improved ventilation, a Scrap Accumulator for effective pre-rinse debris collection, and an additional Booster Heater for increased temperature control.

Just like all Auto-Chlor dish machines, the AC TALL Space Maker benefits from Auto-Chlor's signature route service. This unique program guarantees that every Auto-Chlor dishwasher is meticulously serviced and maintained every 28 days. This routine care encompasses a thorough inspection, cleaning, and essential upkeep, ensuring each dishwasher functions optimally and consistently delivers high performance.