In response to the growing concerns and looming legislations around per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (MGC) has launched AGELESS, the first-ever PFAS-free oxygen absorber safe for food packaging.

In recent years, public concern with PFAS has risen due to the chemicals’ inability to break down in the environment and their associated adverse health effects. As a result, legislators have begun enacting laws banning PFAS in products, including packaging, requiring industry to find alternative solutions.

MGC has revolutionized its oxygen absorber technology by eliminating PFAS and replacing the chemicals with an advanced proprietary formula to meet new stringent global regulations. By completely removing a toxic grease-proofing agent from its oxygen absorber, MGC is introducing a first-of-its-kind, universal packaging solution that is 100 percent PFAS-free and does not compromise quality, performance, or safety. PFAS-free AGELESS oxygen absorbers are oil-resistant and can deoxidize the interior of sealed packages to maintain flavor, color, fragrance, and nutrition of freshly prepared food, as well as greatly extend shelf life.

PFAS-free AGELESS can create a 99.9 percent oxygen-free package within 24 hours to keep a variety of foods fresh without the use of unhealthy preservatives. The solution can be used to protect and preserve a variety of products, including processed meats and meat snacks, baked goods, dried fruits, coffee, pet treats, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals.