In July 2016, Dr. McEntire joined the IFPA legacy organization, the United Fresh Produce Association, where she dedicated her career to public health and food safety education and training. Throughout her more than 20 years in industry, she became known as one of the most highly respected leaders in food safety, providing insights and guidance to member companies, regulatory partners, policy makers, and members of the media.  After six and a half years with the association, Dr. McEntire is looking to rebalance her personal and professional life and will continue to support the industry through select consulting engagements.

IFPA recognizes Dr. McEntire’s work as an advocate for the IFPA member community and the fresh produce industry, specifically, collaborating with regulatory agencies and assuming the role of a trusted and credible resource for members. Most recently, She used her voice and leadership in pushing for the reform of The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Human Foods program.

Dr. McEntire has built a strong food safety team at IFPA including Emily Moyer, Ph.D., Vice president of Regulatory Compliance and Global Food Standards; Gretchen Wall, Director of Food Safety and Quality; and Tressie Jefferson, Food Safety Support Manager. The team, in addition to IFPA’s government relations team, will carry on the association’s food safety initiatives.

“In my more than 20 years working in food safety, I can truly say that serving the fresh produce industry has been a career highlight,” says McEntire. She recalls that, upon joining United Fresh, it was clear that collaborating with the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) was a priority, and expresses her gratitude for being part of the formation of IFPA, and with it, a food safety team. IFPA states that Dr. McEntire was integral to IFPA’s staff culture during the PMA-United Fresh integration process and the association’s first year by keeping members’ needs at the forefront of her work.

While Dr. McEntire will provide transitional support to the association, IFPA will immediately begin a search for her successor.