Provision Analytics and Grupo Delcen Food Safety have announced a strategic partnership that will enable Grupo Delcen to distribute, implement, and support Provision’s food safety software.

Grupo Delcen provides consulting services for food safety management systems (FSMS) in areas such as staff training, supplier assessment, and contamination defense, helping food and beverage companies ensure compliance for GFSI certifications and government regulations. Over the last 30 years, Grupo Delcen’s clientele has included Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Grupo Bimbo, Alsea, La Moderna, Grupo Lala, Cuervo, and others.

While many food and beverage companies have existing digital solutions for inventory, logistics, and other aspects of their business, most are still using an unspecialized combination of paper and spreadsheets for food safety record-keeping. With the new partnership, Provision’s cloud software enables Grupo Delcen to digitize and partially automate the FSMS it designs for clientele.

The software allows companies to set automatic rules, instructions, and deadlines in simple digital records, therefore limiting and detecting compliance mistakes. Provision software harmonizes records with supplier approvals, policies, and product specifications. Provision also allows for multiple operating locations to unify reporting in one, customizable hub, reducing the time spent conducting audits and making it easier to analyze process data for compliance insight.

Provision states that its partnership with Grupo Delcen fits perfectly with its service portfolio, allowing Provision to introduce its digital solution to clientele across Latin America. Grupo Delcen states that Provision’s newly released translation enables its software to be used in English, French, and Spanish, furthering the software’s global adoption.

With Grupo Delcen, Provision will benefit from multilingual support staff and localized services for software training and configuration. Grupo Delcen states that, by harmonizing its services and software, the company can accelerate global adoption of improved FSMS that reduce manual review and human error, giving food safety managers the tools to work smarter.


Grupo Delcen: