Sesotec, a provider of food manufacturing and processing solutions, has announced its new Compliance Package software, which guarantees that production processes are compliant with regulations by enabling seamless and efficient documentation. The Compliance Package is compatible with Sesotec’s inspection devices that ensure food safety by detecting a variety of foreign bodies in food products.

The Compliance Package software features the following functions:

  • Audit Check: Conducts an audit routine and logs all steps with the help of a process wizard
  • Sensitivity Prediction: Automatically determines the appropriate detection sensitivity level for various foreign bodies
  • Compliance Mode: Sets detection sensitivity levels to factory or audit standards to ensure compliance and reduce false rejection rates
  • Integrated Compliance Monitoring: Continuously controls the inspection system’s detection parameters, leading to immediate contaminant and increased process stability
  • Integrated Validation Process: A documentation tool that yields proof of product quality.

Sesotec states that the Compliance Package software not only guarantees compliant food production, but it also enables greater process reliability, reduced product waste, and document security. The Compliance Package software is available for Sesotec’s VARICON+ IC metal detection system for conveyor belt applications, the INTUITY metal detector, the LIQUISCAN VF IC metal separator for filler applications, the RAYCON D+ HX X-ray system, and the RAYCON D+ HX LW X-ray system.