Universal Pure Holdings LLC (Universal Pure), a portfolio company of Tilia Holdings and an independent provider of high-pressure processing (HPP) and cold chain solutions for food and beverage customers in North America, has announced its acquisition of Hydrofresh Ltd. (Hydrofresh HPP), an outsourced HPP and cold storage provider, from Keller Logistics Group Inc. (Keller Logistics). HPP inactivates foodborne pathogens and spoilage microorganisms in food and beverage products. HPP also extends shelf life without the use of additives and without compromising taste, texture, or nutritional value. 

The transaction expands Universal Pure’s geographic reach in the Midwest, allowing the company to operate 20 HPP machines across seven locations nationwide. With Universal Pure and Hydrofresh HPP’s partnership, the company’s footprint is now located within a day’s drive of all major food production hubs in the U.S., enabling the movement of food and beverage products across the HPP supply chain. 

Universal Pure hopes that its acquisition of Hydrofresh HPP will expand industry’s access to HPP services across the U.S. A Universal Pure representative expressed the company’s desire to better serve its customers and their supply chain needs to deliver safe, healthy, and clean-label foods. Universal Pure hopes to further industry’s adoption of HPP, which extends shelf life for products, thereby reducing food waste while maintaining clean labels.

Universal Pure: www.universalpure.com

Hydrofresh HPP: www.hydrofreshhpp.com