The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced its Food Safety and Nutrition Survey (FSANS) Explorer, a web-based tool that allows users to interact with the FSANS data at any time to find answers to specific questions. 

FSANS Explorer users can:

  • Explore the relationship between responses to survey questions and respondent demographic characteristics
  • Visualize responses to survey questions through tables and charts
  • Perform statistical tests that measure the strength of the response/respondent relationship

In March 2021, FDA released the results of the Food Safety and Nutrition Data survey, which was designed to assess consumers’ awareness, knowledge, understanding, and reported behaviors relating to a variety of food safety and nutrition-related topics. The findings are designed to help FDA make better-informed regulatory, policy, education, and other risk-management decisions to promote and protect public health.  

The survey combines the previously separate Food Safety Survey and Health and Diet Survey, which were last conducted in 2016 and 2014, respectively. The survey was sent by mail to respondents for submission online or by mail. It incorporates approximately 4,400 responses collected during October and November of 2019. 

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