ABM Equipment is detecting foreign material half the size previously possible for the industry using new hardware and software from Eagle. A mix of improved detector boards, generators, and algorithms have improved detectability across the board, making stainless steel detectable at 0.3 mm in many products.

Originally developed for the poultry industry, where bones are becoming finer and less calcified as practices change, the new solution, called “PXT,” was intended to be the best solution for one of the market’s most difficult applications. To do this, the generators’ beam geometry was modified, and the detection nodes (diodes) were placed closer together—reducing the spaces through which contaminants could slip. With more data to work from, the algorithms were also restructured to more accurately identify contaminants and reduce false rejects.

ABM Equipment is Eagle’s principal distributor and product-development partner. It helped develop a number of applications including the pipeline and meat chub solutions and has produced a software package which simplifies machine validations, product rework, and image retrieval to combat false liability claims.

ABM Equipment | abmxray.com/pxt/